Lakelands – Madora Pedestrian Bridge

Funding Required: $4,000,000

Funding Purpose: Upgrade and relocate an already-purchased pedestrian bridge.

Contact: City of Mandurah –

The pedestrian bridge will connect the growing communities of Lakelands and Madora Bay and provide disability access.

The recent rapid development of Lakelands and surrounding suburbs has led to a community with restricted access to facilities, community services, schools, public open spaces and neighbouring communities by widened roadways on its boundaries. Installation of the bridge would alleviate these issues, providing safe connections for school students and residents in Mandurah’s northern suburbs.

Development activity in and around the Lakelands Town Centre has progressed adjacent to Mandurah Road, with the development of a district level shopping centre, community centre, district level playing fields, public senior high school (under development), and a site provided for a future K-12 Catholic School.

Access for pedestrians and cyclists either side of Mandurah Road is restricted by Mandurah Road, and the proposed project will provide alternative access.