Water Quality Infrastructure

Funding Required: $3,400,000 over four years

Funding Purpose: Improve stormwater management infrastructure to improve the health of the estuary.

The project will be delivered to provide value for money, with all conditions already set for the successful implementation and construction of stormwater retrofits across the project timeframe.

Contact: Peel Harvey Catchment Council


The objective of the project is to deliver stormwater retrofits sites within the Peel Region boundaries of the Peel-Harvey Catchment (City of Mandurah, Shire of Boddington, Shire of Murray, Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, and Shire of Waroona) over four years, to reduce the nutrient load entering the Ramsar listed Peel-Harvey Estuary.

Fixed infrastructure assets, including, stormwater retrofits, bio-filters or constructed wetlands along with lake and wetland recovery projects are required at priority sites in the Coastal Catchment of the Peel-Harvey.  An investment of $3.4 million over 4 years will complement the State’s proposed Regional Estuaries Initiative Stage II. Local Governments are committed to implementing water quality projects but need technical and financial support to bring forward capital work plans that would otherwise take >20 years to implement.  A three (3) tier government approach to Water Quality in the Peel-Harvey, delivered collaboratively under the coordination of the PHCC will enable infrastructure needs with an aim to prevent a further collapse of the system.   

The City of Mandurah and the Shire of Murray in particular have committed to this project and will provide in-kind and financial contributions to approximately double the investment.  The PHCC will run an expression of interest process to determine which prospective projects will bring the best outcomes and the Local Governments will be responsible for all approvals and construction, as was successfully managed through the 2011-2013 project. 

The stormwater programs run by PHCC have proven to be of great benefit in the Peel-Harvey Catchment. A variety of reasons have motivated the local governments to improve and strengthen their stormwater management infrastructure. This project will:

  • Improve the Health of the Peel-Harvey Estuary, and the Rivers that flow into it, with the additional benefit of overall job creation for the real estate, tourism and fisheries industries, through the improvement of our waterways
  • Increase the opportunities to councils to improve their stormwater management infrastructure 
  • Provide an opportunity for integrated catchment management, through a coordinated monitoring program and continued support from the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council.
  • Increase the chances to attract additional state and federal funds to improve the Catchments water quality. 
  • Support Local Government Stormwater Strategies by providing clear opportunities for improvement and implementation of constructed assets.